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Email from Our troops


I am MSgt Marc Slonecker and I wanted to say thank you for the package that was sent with your business card. The back has the names of Larry and Judy on it. We really do appreciate the packs and the well wishes. Afghanistan is a great place to work for us, there is a lot of work here for us so we stay busy. The magazines and the "goodies" are most welcome here. We would like to all say thank you so very much for supporting your troops. All the guys and gals here say thanks. I personally say thank you as I am an NRA member, and an avid hunter. To see a gun store owner in the part of the country you are in is refreshing. Thank you for standing up for our rights back home while we are away. Keep up the great works.

MSgt Marc Slonecker

Our Troops

Please donate what you can for our TROOPS!! They need us!!

Items can be dropped off at:
The Shooter Shop located @ 2001 East Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134

More drop off points will be added soon.

Care packages with YOUR name can be purchased for donation of $25.00.

PO Box 1199
Albrightsville, PA 18210

For a list of items to be donated, click here.

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